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Lemon Pepper Beef Jerky

Lemon Pepper Beef Jerky

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This is for all jerky lovers looking for something extra in their daily dose. Covered in lemon oil, onions and garlic with a kick of black pepper, the Lemon Pepper Beef Jerky is a flavor bomb that leaves you wanting more!

Prepared from the best beef, this delicious jerky is then flavored lemon and salt, and joined with the characteristic woody flavor of black pepper to give you a unique fiery explosion for you to relish in.

This lip-smacking jerky is also high in protein and low in fat, gifting you a healthy yet rich meat dish that leaves you content and euphoric. Enjoy the classic flavor that you can’t get enough of!



  • 3oz. Bag
  • Organically Preserved- No Additives
  • USDA Certified
  • Long shelf life
  • High in Protein
  • Low in Fat
  • Great Customer Service
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