Christmas Beef Jerky

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Share this season’s joy with a taste of the Christmas Beef Jerky! Made from New Mexico’s famous blend of red and green chile, this 100% locally made beef jerky is the ultimate spicy and mouthwatering delight to share with family and friends this season.

Traditionally sliced whole-muscle meat, seasoned with the hottest spices and roasted to perfection, this highly nutritious protein gives you the fire experience that will keep you wanting more. It is organically preserved with no additives, giving it a long shelf life. So, stock up your pantry with as much Christmas Beef Jerky as you want and be sure it will last the season and beyond with the same scrumptious taste!

From neat slicing to slow roasting in spices, your health is our priority, and that is why this beef jerky is made under the USDA regulations. With food, building trust with our customers is key. That is why our unmatched customer service and speedy delivery are top-notch.

Share a taste of spiciness in our Christmas Beef Jerky- a must-add to the Christmas list!



  • Spiced in a Blend of Red and Green Chile
  • Organically Preserved- No Additives
  • Long Shelf Life
  • USDA Certified
  • Fast Response and Delivery
  • Great Customer Service