Original Beef Jerky

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Get a taste of your childhood by snacking on the old, but gold, Original Beef Jerky flavor. Giving you big beef flavor with just a touch of salt, the taste lingers on your taste buds just like the fun memories in your mind.

Refined and processed to remove moisture and improve its shelf life, stock up on your favorite snack and store with no trouble. Enjoy this palatable bite, which also packs a nutritious punch. High in protein and essential nutrients, you can actually build more muscle and also lose weight from snacking! Life just got more exciting!

Make this a daily staple and have something to look forward to each day.



  • Classic Taste of Jerky
  • Low in Fat
  • High in Protein and Minerals
  • Organically Preserved- No Additives
  • Delicious and Healthy Snack