Beef Jerky Lovers: Carne Seca Is Your New Favorite

Do you love beef jerky? Are you known for snacking on it at lunch or taking it with you on hikes? Maybe you like other kinds of jerky too, deer jerky or buffalo jerky. The world of jerky is pretty big and it is filled with tasty snacks crafted using delicious meats and a signature preparation process. Among all of the types of jerky, one is gaining more prominence: carne seca. In this article, we will break down everything that you need to know about this tasty kind of jerky.


What Is Carne Seca?

Carne seca is Spanish for “dried meat” and is a type of jerky that can be found in southwest America, as well as the northern portions of Mexico. This delicious meat is known for its spices and uniquely dried texture. It can be made a variety of different ways, ranging from dehydrators to ovens to woodsmokers. It’s often referred to as Mexican beef jerky, but it’s quite a bit fancier than your average slice of beef jerky from the grocery store.


How Does Carne Seca Differ From Other Jerky?

When you see carne seca, the differences between this style of jerky and other kinds of jerky are immediately clear. Traditional jerky has a tendency to be a little thick and is kept relatively well hydrated. Carne seca, on the other hand, is presented in thin, dried sheets of meat.


In addition to the overall texture, carne seca brings many different ingredients and seasonings. While some carne seca is kept relatively simple with a focus on salt or lime, really good carne seca is often prepared with peppers and other ingredients. This dried bit of jerky is perfect for snacking and brings a lot more flavor than your traditional jerky options.


What Is Carne Seca Taste Like?

Like any other kind of jerky, carne seca will vary in taste depending on the seasoning. Some carne seca is sharp and spicy while others are more built around a citrus taste that will leave you wanting more. The way that it is prepared can influence this too. Smoked carne seca is known to effectively absorb that delicious smoky taste—more so than other kinds of jerky even because it is thinner and has more exposure to the smoke. When you eat it, you will find yourself wondering why other forms of jerky even get called jerky, and then you will find yourself wanting more.



Carne seca is a popular jerky option in a lot of southern states and its reach is slowly growing, so don’t miss out. Already, people are making carne seca with different protein sources and finding new ways to spice it. If you are looking for a delicious new snack to add to your pack, carne seca is good for the long run and will keep you on your feet. Feel free to contact us to learn how we can help you to purchase some carne seca for yourself!

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